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  • Define Your Connection Strategy
  • Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile
  • Join and Be Active in Relevant Groups

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Who Am I

I’m a Small Business Marketing / Online Presence Mentor & LinkedIn Expert based in Sarah Santacroce - After Hourslovely Switzerland, but working with people from all over the world. In my 5.5 years of doing this and having worked with hundreds of small business owners like you, I pride myself in guiding people out of overwhelm & desperation and into a state of serenity & structure, knowing exactly what to do and where to start to grow your business online. And it’s no coincidence that my business is called Simplicity: I’m known for my simple, no-nonsense Swiss efficiency, mixed with a good dose of Californian ‘yes we can’ attitude!

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  • As a entrepreneur learning to navigate through the somewhat confusing internet pathways to success, one needs a trusted adviser and mentor.  Someone who is knowledgeable, insightful, kind and ready to stand with you for your success.  For me, that person is Sarah Santacroce, Simplicity - Small Business Solutions.  Sarah is very knowledgeable about setting a new entrepreneur up for success.  She is resourceful and offers many helpful programs and trainings. I have worked worked with Sarah as a student in three different programs that she created.  Her material is fresh and relevant.  Her delivery of the programs are impeccable.  AND, this is important, she is there for her students after the program.  She is the real deal and over delivers in results. Do your self a favor and talk with Sarah about your specific needs.  You won't regret it. –Susan James

  • Working with Sarah is always a pleasure….simply because there is always a solution. Precise, to the point, pragmatic, very professional, expert on digital marketing, she delivers her services with good common sense and with an empowering human touch. I truly appreciate her client focus and her responsiveness in proposing options that really create value in my perception. Here is her differentiator: I get more than expected because I feel, I’m important to her. Working with Sarah means a marvelous customer experience and she deserves more than a recommendation. I want to be her ambassador.–Jean-Luc Jolliet -

  • Sarah is superbly well-versed on internet presence and know-how. Her online voice is pleasant and understandable, and she shares her knowledge in a clear, comprehensive, and extremely practical way. All her interventions are video-supported, with specific, tailored and to the point information - a very productive and useful consulting experience. Thank you Sarah! I highly recommend Sarah to small business owners with limited time to maximise their presence on the web.–Hélène de Villiers

  • Trying to make sense of the changes in social media and to use them to develop your business it is essential to have a guide providing information you can trust, and Sarah is a great guide. I always take time to read her newsletter. It is packed with interesting social media information that I can easily implement as I develop my business. I’d also recommend her workshops on E-Mail Marketing which gave me the confidence and the knowledge to establish this on my own website.–Laura Krikhaar

  • Sarah is an excellent coach who will help you gently and with determination, to increase you business and improve your marketing. her coaching is transparent and really help you get to the issues you want. In an age of Hype and overstatement in marketing, Sarah understates and over delivers, giving much more than many others.–Joseph O'Connor

  • Sarah and I met on Google+. My LinkedIn profile was neglected and I needed a profile overhaul, and some suggestions on how to maximize my time spent here on LinkedIn. Sarah delivered. Big time. I had a private video walkthrough of my profile, personalized according to my goals and strengths, which I could call on over and over for reference. I am confident that these improvements will lead to more business opportunities here on LinkedIn.–Stephan Hovnanian