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That’s it, I’m quitting Facebook (Part 2)

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Facebook did it again ! On February 29th 2012 they changed the destiny of all business pages. Nothing will ever be the same again… And you were not alone if you were thinking:

That’s it, I’m quitting Facebook !Unfortunately, as described in Part 1 of this 2-Part series about quitting Facebook, it’s not that easy. You don’t

That's it, I'm quitting Facebook

want to give up your personal profile because you loose touch with all your friends and family, and you can’t give up your Facebook Page because businesses nowadays are expected to have one.

So embrace the change, change is good

Let’s have a look at what will change on March 30th, date on which all business pages will be switched to the timeline layout:

Features that disappeared and will be dearly missed


    • Welcome Page: Probably the most talked about change. We’ve spent all this time setting up customized welcome pages, a default landing page which visitors land on when they visit your page for the first time. Well, Zuckerberg didn’t like this idea any more and it’s GONE with the wind. While you can still have custom apps on your Page, it will not be the first thing visitors see when they land on your page. Visitors will always land on your Wall/Timeline.


    • Profile image size – Good bye custom banners on the left. The dimensions you now have to work with are a 180px x 180px square.


    • Photo Strip – the photo strip of 5 thumbnails at the top of your page is replaced with a row of 4 applications or tabs.



New Features of the Timeline design


    • Cover Image – You get to use a unique image that represents your Page. Get creative, but be careful not to use any sales messages. Facebook rules state that the image may not contain: pricing or purchase info or discounts, calls to action such as “Like this Page”, “Download it at our website”, “Buy it Now”, “Tell your friends”, or your contact information.
      The cover photo dimensions are 851px x 315px. Read this post for 15 Creative Tips to Rock Your Timeline Cover Photo.

Cover photo on new Timeline for Pages

    • Larger Images and Videos – you will notice that images and videos are generally larger and easier to see on the page.


    • Pinned Posts – you can identify a particular post as important or special by pinning it to the top of your page for a week.


    • Starred Posts – you can highlight any post within the timeline, which makes the associated image or video larger and more noticeable.


    • Milestones – you can celebrate or emphasize important moments in your business over time, for example a book launch for an author, an important event, an open-door party etc.


    • Private messaging – You can now privately message your page fans as a page admin instead of replying to a comment in the public arena of the Wall. This is a great new feature in terms of customer service.


    • Extended About section – The about section got extended from 70 characters to 170 characters. Make sure you include your website url.

Extended About Section on Facebook Timeline


So you see, over all there were more features added and the only feature that we will be missing for a while is the “Welcome Tab”.

Here are some additional resources for you to explore:


Now is your turn ! What will you do ? Embrace the change or quit Facebook ? Which parts do you dislike the most about the new Timeline for Pages ? Please share in the comments below. Or come join the discussion on my Facebook Page.

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Anna says 9 March 2012

Great posting, you’ve explained it in a very comprehencible way. Think I’m ready for Timeline now. Thanks Sarah!

    Sarah Santacroce says 9 March 2012

    Good to hear, Anna ! 🙂

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