What Is a Content Strategy & What Does It Have To Do With Social Media?

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Content is King

Have you heard this before? You know why we say that? Because nowadays people don’t use the yellow pages any more, they use Google or Youtube. And if your company has no content available on these sites, they won’t find you and will therefore go to the competition.

Social Media = Content?What Is a Content Strategy & What Does It Have To Do With Social Media?

Most companies by now understand that they should have a presence on Social Media. What they don’t seem to understand yet is that in order to maintain a meaningful presence, they also need content.

Yes, Social Media is part of the equation, but it’s only a tool to an end, a great way to spread your message and increase brand recognition. But it’s very rare that an actual sales transaction happens directly via Facebook, Pinterest or any other social platform. Sales happen after people have developed trust in your business, by reading your content.

So what is a Content Strategy?

A content strategy is not just a plan on a piece of paper. It’s a process that takes time to put in to practice and needs an involvement from every player in your small business. It’s a new mindset that is based on the idea of positioning your company as a thought leader by providing valuable information which can be found on the internet.

This strategy evaluates yours and your customer’s needs and then provides a plan to help you create and deliver useful content. Each specific goal you want to achieve will come with a sub-strategy.

What type of content are we talking about here?

Marketers usually refer to the 3 E’s of Content Marketing. Educating, Entertaining & Engaging content. So these are the 3 areas you want to cover with your content.

Educating content is information that helps your reader, educates him and makes him a smarter buyer in the future.

Entertaining content is content that shows the human side of your business and is less serious than the educating content.

Engaging content is content that engages your customers through the whole content strategy, but some pieces of content will create more engagement than others. Controversial topics usually work well.

So what does a Content Strategy have to do with Social Media?

Everything. What are you going to say on Social Media if you don’t have content to share? Social Media channels are invitations you send to people to come visit your home (aka your site). You can engage on Social Media, but you need to have something to say.

Need help with your content strategy?

In order to run a successful content marketing strategy, you need to either learn everything I’ve just mentioned above yourself, or you need to hire a specialist (I’m here for you) who will guide you in this shift to a new marketing approach. You need to consider it as an investment for the long term, if you expect results within the first 3 months, you will be disappointed. But if you start now, you will be ahead of your competition in 1 year and leads will come in from content you’ve created now. Remember, everything that is published on the internet will stay on the internet forever.

Now it’s your turn: does your business have a content strategy in place?

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