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5 Golden Rules for Social Selling Etiquette on LinkedIn

social selling on linkedin

In a world where consumers are becoming all powerful, we must rethink our techniques to match the way people research brands and shop today. LinkedIn has proven to be a powerful tool for businesses that want to build connections, nurture relationships, and encourage conversions. As long as you know your Social Selling Etiquette.

Because even the slightest mistake in etiquette can wreak havoc your efforts and damage the relationships you’ve worked hard to build.Continue reading

My Review of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Account

Linkedin Sales Navigator

Do I need a LinkedIn Premium account to be successful on LinkedIn ? A question that I get asked all the time… which is why I wrote this Review of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Account. Continue reading

Why You Need Content for Personal Branding

personal branding

“Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room.” That’s why you need content for Personal Branding. Your content positions you as the expert in your field, tells your story & helps you build your online authority. 
Continue reading

LinkedIn for Companies: Empower Your Employees!

LinkedIn for Companies- Empower your Employees

Companies are just a legal entity without their employees. To succeed (on LinkedIn), employers must empower their employees.

Continue reading

Why LinkedIn is the Best Platform for Introverted Entrepreneurs

3 Reasons Why LinkedIn is the Best Platform for Introverted Entrepreneurs

Introverts usually don’t like selling & they prefer not to share selfies and other personal information too often. This is why LinkedIn is the best platform for introverted entrepreneurs to get clients. Continue reading

Social Selling ≠ Cold Calling via LinkedIn Messages

social selling

Social Selling ≠ Cold Calling via LinkedIn Messages – or Direct Messages on Twitter or Facebook … You can’t just the same old sales tricks and replace the phone calls by other means of spamming your contacts. Continue reading

The 1 Small Thing that Makes or Breaks Your LinkedIn Profile

There’s 1 small thing that makes or breaks your LinkedIn Profile. It’s the first thing that people see when you send them an invitation to connect, it’s what defines whether you show up in search results and it quickly & efficiently tells people what you do & how you can help  them. I’m talking about your LinkedIn Headline.Continue reading

7 Hints Why You Don’t Get Contacted on LinkedIn!

why you don't get contacted on LinkedIn

I hear it all the time ‘I have hundreds of contacts on LinkedIn but never got anything out of it’. Read this post to find out why you don’t get contacted on LinkedIn.Continue reading

How I Used An Interact Quiz To Grow My Email List

How I used an Interact Quiz to Grow My Email List

Quizzes are the latest trend. And there are all kinds of tools out there to build your quiz. I wanted a tool that’s visually attractive, easy to set up & integrates well with my Email Marketing tool. 

In this review of Interact Quiz, I’ll talk about what I liked about this service – and show you how to build your own quizzes with Interact!Continue reading

My Review Of VAClassroom University

Today, we’re going to be taking a look at one of my personal favorite subjects – Virtual assistants!

Review Of VAClassroom University

Continue reading

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