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Here’s an easy way to stand out on LinkedIn

People always ask me ‘How can I stand out on LinkedIn, with 450 Million of users and many more updates and shares?’ Well, of course you need to first work on your profile, turn it into a client magnet. But you knew that already, didn’t you? What else can you do? I’ll explain one simple strategy in this post, and yet only 1% of people use it! So you want to stand out? Be among the 1%!

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5 Minute LinkedIn Marketing Activities per Day

People often ask me how much time I spend on LinkedIn every day. Now, I think you might have guessed that it’s more than 5 minutes per day… But LinkedIn wins me my bread and butter, so of course I need to spend more time on it researching, engaging, sharing, publishing, connecting etc.

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Little Known Ways to Get Your LinkedIn Profile in Google Search Results

LinkedIn is the epicenter for your Personal Branding! It’s usually among the first 5 links that show up in Google search results if someone googles your name. But… there are a few things you must know & check your settings in order to get your LinkedIn Profile in Google Search Results. Keep reading…

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How do I ask for a recommendation on LinkedIn

Here’s a question that comes up in my one-on-one coachings all the time: How do I ask for a recommendation on LinkedIn? My clients always agree when I tell them how important it is to have at least 7 recommendations on their LinkedIn Profile, but often they are stuck when it comes to the how… Read my advice below and make sure to download the pdf I created for you for further reference.

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How to give a top quality recommendation on LinkedIn

There are two ways you can give a recommendation on LinkedIn. Either you have been asked by one of your contacts, or you want to recommend a contact spontaneously.

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How do I inform my LinkedIn network about a new workshop?

Inspire, don't advertise on LinkedIn

Gabriela asked me: Sarah, I launch a new seminar with some colleagues, published on a common site, and I wanted to know what was the best way to publish it on LinkedIn?
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Content ideas for your LinkedIn Company Page

Content ideas for your LinkedIn Company page

It is frightening to see the number of LinkedIn Company Pages that have a good number of subscribers but absolutely don’t have any updates. These people clicked on the ‘Follow’ button but then they haven’t heard from the company ever since. Continue reading

LinkedIn Company Page vs. LinkedIn Personal Profile

Should I use my Personal Profile or my Company Page on LinkedIn? This is a question that comes up a lot in my trainings.Continue reading

LinkedIn is not only for B2B !

LinkedIn is not only for B2B

LinkedIn is a professional social network, that’s for sure. And for a while, we’ve heard that it was the perfect B2B (Business to Business) platform – and I was the first to say so. But LinkedIn is not only for B2B! With this article, I’d like to give you a new perspective because I realized that this B2B term sometimes creates false ideas when it comes to using LinkedIn.Continue reading

Do You Recognize the 3 Warning Signs of a Fake LinkedIn Profile?

Before you get too worried about identity theft, let me assure you that fake LinkedIn profiles are definitely less common than fake Twitter profiles for example. But they do exist which is why I wrote this post.

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