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10 different ways to use Skype, other then just for free calls

by Sarah Santacroce

Today I’m starting another twin series, two posts about the same subject: Skype

Skype is the world’s number one internet calling service, but you can do much more with it than just make cheap calls. Are you already using all the services that it offers? Find out below:Continue reading

6 tasks any Entrepreneur could outsource to a Virtual Assistant

Everybody talks about outsourcing nowadays. They say it saves you time and money. Really, is that true? Let’s see:Continue reading

Google Tools for Your Small Business – Part 2

by Sarah Santacroce

As promised last week, here is my second post about two other useful Google tools for small business owners: Feedburner and Wonder Wheel. And since you were so loyal and came back to read this one, I’ll throw in a little bonus for you: GOOGL, the free 411 Service 🙂Continue reading

Google Tools for your Small Business – Part 1

by Sarah Santacroce

This is the first out of two posts about some great Google Tools you can (and should) use for your small business. They are totally free of charge, but not everybody knows about them…Continue reading

How to stay productive while working from home

Working from home is a great opportunity, especially if you have young children. However, it isn’t as always easy as it sounds and presents some major challenges. Being your own boss has a long list of pluses, but it takes some great organizational skills and motivation to stay productive. If you follow these few tips bellow, you should be heading towards success with your business:Continue reading

How Can A Virtual Assistant Help You

Are you or your small business overloaded with administrative tasks?
Does the term “Social Media” give you nightmares?
Is your to do list never ending?
If your answer to the above questions was “yes”, then you should check out this great slide show that demonstrates how a Virtual Assistant can help you. It has been put together by my friend, Sophie Guiziou, who runs her own Virtual Assistance business in Paris, France. Visit her website at: www.optimoffice.frContinue reading

Learn German on Twitter – word by word

Did you ever think about learning a new language ? Why not German ?
You might have German ancestors, taken some classes in high school, have German business contacts or just simple have an interest in that language.Continue reading

What’s the difference between a Virtual Assistant & an Employee ?

Are you or your small business overloaded with administrative tasks?
Is your paperwork taking up precious time?
Is your to do list never ending?
Do you need somebody to streamline your systems to make them more efficient?Continue reading

Firefox Password Manager

After a bit of research since my last post, I’ve now decided to give Firefox’s password tool a try.
Basically it creates a Master Password, behind which all the other passwords and user names are stored. If you would like to see if this is something for you, and you are already using Firefox as your default browser, here is what you have to do:Continue reading

Multilingual Websites with Office Live Small Business

When living in America, the choice of language for your website is pretty easy. English and English. Or, for those who know some Spanish, they might add a Spanish version. But I don’t see that too often either. For Europeans, it gets a bit more complicated ! Continue reading