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How do I get found on Google?

…that was the question somebody asked me at a networking event last Thursday. Hmm, I had prepared my Elevator Pitch, but wasn’t quite ready to answer this complex question in 30 seconds ! Instead I said: “I can help you, give me a call and we’ll discuss it”. In order to prepare for that call, I thought I’d write a blog post and share it with my readers.Continue reading

7 Ways to Use Social Media to promote your offline events

Planning an event, whether it is a networking event, public seminar or a personal tea party, can take a lot of time and energy. 

In order to make each event an absolute success, there are some great Social Media tools you can use for your Event Marketing.Continue reading

Increase Your Online Visibility with Press Release Marketing

Before web2.0, press releases were just for journalists and only big company changes were announced to the press. Today press or news releases can be used even by small companies, and the whole wide world has access to them. By distributing your press releases online (for example on pitchengine.com) you will be reaching out to a huge audience and therefore increase your website traffic (and hopefully your sales!)Continue reading

Free E-book helps you increase your Website Traffic

Dear Fellow Entrepreneurs,

Imagine there is a great party, but nobody knows about it. The organizers spent a lot of money on the venue, the decoration, the hors d’oeuvres and the DJ. With excited anticipation they open the doors at 10pm but – only 23 people show up. The party is a complete flop!Continue reading

Use your avatar (profile picture) as a marketing tool

In order to increase your visibility, but also to establish contacts with other bloggers, it’s a good idea to comment on other people’s blogs.

If you have been actively doing that, you must have noticed that some people have a nice profile picture (a so called avatar) next to their comment, and some don’t. Which ones did you prefer? Obviously the ones with the picture. A picture gives every comment a human touch, we feel like there is a real person behind the text. A faceless or worse, an anonymous comment, leaves the impression that the person is trying to “hide” something.Continue reading

Website localization and multilingual SEO: a bilingual Virtual Assistant can help you

by guest blogger Claudia Amendola of mtvirtualassistant.com

What’s the key of a successful international website?

Over the past year, many of my clients with international websites have been asking me for an easy and fast way to optimize their sites for each country or the European market. That’s the reason why I wanted to make this post and share with you my thoughts. Please feel free to share yours too by leaving your comments ,-) .Continue reading

Article Marketing: A Great Free Marketing Tool

Since I’m still in the middle of the big move (for those who are new to my blog: I’m moving from California to Switzerland) I continue my series of guest posts. This one is

by Jodi Crosby (@SmartVAforU)Continue reading

How to use your e-mail signature as a Marketing tool

by Guest Blogger Michelle Mangen

Wanting to have a fancy email signature for your Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail or AOL email accounts?

Come on – you know you want it! Up until now it’s never really been that easy to add an HTML signature to your Gmail account.Continue reading

Review of “Internet Marketing Specialist Class” by VAClassroom

by Sarah Santacroce

When I was researching the courses offered by VAClassroom, I was desperately looking for reviews from past class members to find out if this class was worth my money and time. I found some, but not as many as I’d hoped for. So this post is for YOU, who are considering to invest in yourself and attend one of VAClassroom’s high quality, intense content and very interactive classes!Continue reading

Commenting on other blogs: 4 benefits and 9 tips


You probably know that it’s important to blog regularly. First of all from an SEO point of view (blogs get a higher page rank on Google), second of all to increase traffic to your website. Did you know that it’s also a good habit to comment on other people’s blogs?Continue reading

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