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Review of Ronnie Bincer’s Hangout Mastery OR ‘Where to Learn About Google Hangouts on Air’

Review of Ronnie Bincer's Hangout Mastery

If you have followed my blog posts lately, you might have noticed that I started using Google Hangouts on Air in my marketing mix. Just like any new technology, in contradiction to what some people think, it takes a lot of time & motivation to learn about a new tool like that. Luckily I wasn’t alone… In this post I’m going to share my number one resource with you.Continue reading

Explaining Inbound Marketing to (Swiss) Businesses

Explaining Inbound Marketing to (Swiss) Businesses

If you are a small business doing business in Switzerland, chances are that you are doing a good job with traditional marketing, also called ‘push’ marketing. It’s referred to as ‘push’ marketing because the company pushes information towards the consumer. This push can come in many forms: advertisements in newspapers, direct marketing via sent out mailings or telemarketing campaigns. This used to work really well in a time where the biggest media outlets were newspapers, television and radio.

But today, in a Google driven world, people rely almost solely on the internet to research goods or services and that’s where inbound marketing comes in.Continue reading

About the Importance of your Website

With all the talk about Social Media, you could be fooled into thinking that your website is not that important anymore… Wrong!

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A Website Without Call to Actions is a Waste of Cyber Space

Why do you have a website? Have you ever asked yourself that question? To get more clients, right? So if you want more clients, do your website visitors know what to do once they’re on your site? Do you tell them their next stepsContinue reading

LinkedIn Opens Publishing for Everyone!

Wow, I didn’t expect that one. LinkedIn has made a few changes recently that annoyed many of us. I’m referring to the disappearance of the skills directory and the activity feed on our profiles for example. And in fact this annoyance many users immediately was reflected in LinkedIn’s stock price: huge drop in recent months.

But this might change again with this recent addition of publishing options for everyone.Continue reading

Are Google Hangouts on Air the New Webinars?

In November 2013 I announced to my community that I would switch all my webinars to Google+ Hangouts in 2014. Of course that meant that I first had to learn how to use the Google Hangout technology. So I decided to start off with a ‘Learn-N-Play with Sarah on Google Hangouts’ series. Over 5 weeks I learned more than the rest of the year ! If you’re curious you can find out what I learned and the mistakes I made in this article (includes video replays of all the Learn-N-Play sessions).Continue reading

I Don’t Have Time to Blog

I hear it all the time, the ‘I don’t have time to blog’ excuse. I have two different kind of reactions to it, depending on the situation of my client.

1st client example: If my client has already an existing client base & a steady income from it I will say “Ok, I understand, but let’s see how we can outsource it so you still benefit from the visibility & authority this will give you”.

2nd client example: If my client doesn’t have clients & is impatient to get more, then I will say”If you don’t have clients, which activities are taking up all your time? Can’t you find 1 hour per week to create content which will help you increase your visibility & authority so people will find you instead of you chasing after them?

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If You’re Not Blogging You’re Wasting Your Time on Social Media

A while ago my friend Martina Iring asked me to write a guest post for her and I submitted a post called ‘Not blogging? You’re wasting your time on Social Media!’ You find the full post HERE Continue reading

Newsletter in a different language? Use Mailchimp

Yesterday my friend Laurence from Simply Social asked me why I had moved my list from Mailchimp to Aweber 2 years ago and whether I recommend she does the same.
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5 Ways to Add More Subscribers to Your E-Mail List

Every now and then I send my e-mail subscribers an e-mail with the headline ‘[Prefer to unsubscribe?] – Not benefiting from my e-mails anymore?’ It’s a bold move, why would I encourage them to unsubscribe you’re thinking… More about that another time 😉 In that same e-mail I also ask them what kind of topics they would like me to write about on my blog.Continue reading