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The Right Way To Ask For A LinkedIn Recommendation

LinkedIn is trying very hard to make our lives easier by kindly suggesting some default texts for our outgoing messages. However, unfortunately I think they suck. Apologies, there is just no other way to say it. LinkedIn is about relationships, and sending out default messages to people who we expect to trust us and let us into their network is not the way to build these relationships.Continue reading

Dear LinkedIn, Can I Have Two Different LinkedIn Accounts?

As entrepreneurs we need to be creative to make ends meet. And especially in the early years, that might mean that we have more than 1 job. Marie Forleo calls it a ‘Bridge Job‘ (her definition, not mine). So when it comes to one’s LinkedIn Profile, the same question always comes up: Can I create two different LinkedIn Accounts or how do I organize myself & build a network with two completely different target audiences?Continue reading