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How I Used An Interact Quiz To Grow My Email List

Quizzes are the latest trend. And there are all kinds of tools out there to build your quiz. I wanted a tool that’s visually attractive, easy to set up & integrates well with my Email Marketing tool. 

In this review of Interact Quiz, I’ll talk about what I liked about this service – and show you how to build your own quizzes with Interact!Continue reading

My Review Of VAClassroom University

Today, we’re going to be taking a look at one of my personal favorite subjects – Virtual assistants!

Review Of VAClassroom University

Continue reading

Why LinkedIn is THE best place for Coaches to Get Clients

best place for Coaches to Get Clients

I work with a lot of coaches. I love working with them! I help them with their LinkedIn strategy, but often we end up talking about marketing themselves as Coaches in general. But in this post I’m focusing on LinkedIn and would like to explain why LinkedIn is THE best place for Coaches to get clients.Continue reading

6 Reasons I’ve Fallen Hopelessly In Love With Xero Accounting Software

6 Reasons I've Fallen in Love with Xero Accounting Software

Accounting software can be a real bear – whether you’re using an outdated, legacy system, or some overly-complex database that has way more features than you’ll ever need. Read on to learn about the 6 reasons that I’ve fallen hopelessly in love with Xero Accounting Software.

It’s a “Goldilocks Problem” – and until now, I’d never come across an accounting software that was “just right”. But, I’ve finally found the accounting software for me. Not too hot, not too cold – just right, with all the features I could ever need, and a simplified, intuitive interface that makes accounting tasks, a breeze. And did I tell you that I hate numbers?

Continue reading

I launched my (Virtual Assistant) Business. Do I need a new LinkedIn Profile?

What do you do with your LinkedIn Profile when you’ve set out to run your own business? Do you quit your old corporate profile & start over from scratch? Do you need a new LinkedIn Profile? Find out in this postContinue reading

LinkedIn Essentials for the LinkedIn Skeptic

LinkedIn Essentials

So you think LinkedIn is just for Job Seekers? Or you just simply hate it because it’s so sterile or boring? That’s ok. But at least make sure you check this post to see if your profile stands the test of LinkedIn Essentials. People do find it in Google Searches you know…Continue reading

How to Use LinkedIn to Get More Email Subscribers – & how not to!

Use LinkedIn to Get More Email Subscribers

LinkedIn can be a great way to get more clients, make lucrative connections, and build relationships. But, ultimately, in most online marketing the goal is to bring people iTnto your email marketing list so that you can market to them on a more personal level. Yes, you can use LinkedIn to Get More Email Subscribers! But there’s a right way to do it and also a wrong way…Continue reading

Who To Connect With On LinkedIn: A 6 Step Strategy

Who to connect with on LinkedIn

Who To Connect With On LinkedIn? Not an easy decision… Networking on Social Media is a little different from networking in person. Typically in person someone introduces you to the connection, which gives you some credibility. On Social Media it’s not uncommon to connect with complete strangers. There is nothing really wrong with that, but make sure that you give a lot of thought and consideration to your goals as you connect with people.Continue reading

Entrepreneurs, LinkedIn is a Waste of Time

LinkedIn is a Waste of Time

Entrepreneurs, LinkedIn is a waste of time… Really! Don’t bother… unless you’re going in there with a clear objective and a plan to use this professional platform to position yourself as the expert, create a profile that does the selling for you & use LinkedIn like a social platform (you have to get creative here, since LinkedIn really doesn’t make it easy for us!)

Continue reading

6 Common LinkedIn Profile Mistakes and How to Fix Them

LinkedIn Profile Mistakes

There are a few LinkedIn Profile mistakes I see people make on a regular basis. It starts with not using a professional picture, to not filling out the headline correctly and ends with not editing for typos. Discover the whole list in this post

Everything you do on LinkedIn always leads back to your profile. So before you start using LinkedIn for Social Selling, make sure you haven’t made any of these mistakes on your profile:Continue reading

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