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Can I (and should I) delete contacts on LinkedIn?

Delete contacts on LinkedIn (1)

If you are looking for instructions in order to delete contacts on LinkedIn, you’re on the right page. But first, let’s talk about why you should, or shouldn’t.

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Entrepreneurs, LinkedIn is a Waste of Time

LinkedIn is a Waste of Time

Entrepreneurs, LinkedIn is a waste of time… Really! Don’t bother… unless you’re going in there with a clear objective and a plan to use this professional platform to position yourself as the expert, create a profile that does the selling for you & use LinkedIn like a social platform (you have to get creative here, since LinkedIn really doesn’t make it easy for us!)

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6 Common LinkedIn Profile Mistakes and How to Fix Them

LinkedIn Profile Mistakes

There are a few LinkedIn Profile mistakes I see people make on a regular basis. It starts with not using a professional picture, to not filling out the headline correctly and ends with not editing for typos. Discover the whole list in this post

Everything you do on LinkedIn always leads back to your profile. So before you start using LinkedIn for Social Selling, make sure you haven’t made any of these mistakes on your profile:Continue reading

10 Steps to Build Your Expertise & Reputation On LinkedIn

Establishing yourself as an expert using LinkedIn is a great way to build your business, whether you work for yourself or you are a CEO of a business. The trick is using it correctly, consistently and creatively. Here are 10 Steps to Build Your Expertise & Reputation On LinkedInContinue reading

Here’s an easy way to stand out on LinkedIn

People always ask me ‘How can I stand out on LinkedIn, with 450 Million of users and many more updates and shares?’ Well, of course you need to first work on your profile, turn it into a client magnet. But you knew that already, didn’t you? What else can you do? I’ll explain one simple strategy in this post, and yet only 1% of people use it! So you want to stand out? Be among the 1%!

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5 Minute LinkedIn Marketing Activities per Day

People often ask me how much time I spend on LinkedIn every day. Now, I think you might have guessed that it’s more than 5 minutes per day… But LinkedIn wins me my bread and butter, so of course I need to spend more time on it researching, engaging, sharing, publishing, connecting etc.

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Little Known Ways to Get Your LinkedIn Profile in Google Search Results

How to get your LinkedIn Profile to Show Up in Google Search Results

LinkedIn is the epicenter for your Personal Branding! It’s usually among the first 5 links that show up in Google search results if someone googles your name. But… there are a few things you must know & check your settings in order to get your LinkedIn Profile in Google Search Results. Keep reading…

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How do I ask for a recommendation on LinkedIn

How to ask for a recommendation on Linkedin

Here’s a question that comes up in my one-on-one coachings all the time: How do I ask for a recommendation on LinkedIn? My clients always agree when I tell them how important it is to have at least 7 recommendations on their LinkedIn Profile, but often they are stuck when it comes to the how… Read my advice below and make sure to download the pdf I created for you for further reference.

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How to give a top quality recommendation on LinkedIn

How to give a top quality recommendation on LinkedIn

There are two ways you can give a recommendation on LinkedIn. Either you have been asked by one of your contacts, or you want to recommend a contact spontaneously.

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How do I inform my LinkedIn network about a new workshop?

Inspire, don't advertise on LinkedIn

Gabriela asked me: Sarah, I launch a new seminar with some colleagues, published on a common site, and I wanted to know what was the best way to publish it on LinkedIn?
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