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Your LinkedIn Profile is as Important as your Website’s About Page

If you are in the service business your LinkedIn Profile is as important as your website’s About Page. It needs to sell you.Continue reading

#1 LinkedIn Myth Debunked (no, LinkedIn is not just for Job Seekers & B2B Businesses)


It almost physically hurt me when I found out from the Infusionsoft Small Business Market Research Sales & Marketing Report that only half of small business owners use LinkedIn to get new clients for their business. My hope is that this post will convince some of the other half that they have been misled by some common misconceptions about LinkedIn and have probably also missed to follow LinkedIn’s constant growth (now over 400 Million users).

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Are You Loosing Money Because You’re Not Using LinkedIn to Get Clients?

Are you leaving money on the table because you’re not using LinkedIn to get clients or you think LinkedIn is just for Job Seekers or B2B type organizations and haven’t realized that LinkedIn has recently passed the cap of 450 Million users. And no, those are NOT all seeking for a job, luckily! Read this post to find out that you just might be wasting your time on FacebookContinue reading

Guest post: 6 ways I upped my game on LinkedIn (without falling asleep)

For a long time I was comforted by the sole fact that I had a LinkedIn page. I existed.

My work history was up-to-date, more or less, and I’d had a good few connections with former colleagues and strange recruiters who wouldn’t leave me alone…

But after beginning my own adventure into the world of small business, and hearing stories about being ‘headhunted’ on LinkedIn and how fantastic the platform is for lead generation… I started to question my strategy. It was time I upped my LinkedIn game.Continue reading

5 Habits to Finally Get Something Out of LinkedIn in 2016

A new year, new resolutions. LinkedIn keeps growing, now more than 400 Million users and if you haven’t realized that it’s THE tool for the B2B sector, then 2016 will be the year you finally get something out of LinkedIn.

Maybe you have participated in the LinkedIn Challenge in December and have decided to make LinkedIn a priority in 2016. Congratulations! But even if you have missed my signature event, this post will give you 5 ideas for new habits to pick up on LinkedIn in 2016! Continue reading

Kicking off the 6th Edition of The LinkedIn Challenge

Tomorrow is the day ! I’m kicking off the 6th edition of my LinkedIn Challenge !

I’m challenging you to participate and spend 10 minutes on LinkedIn every day, for 15 days. Implement the tips that you will receive via e-mail, share updates, update your profile, grow your network and build relationships.

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The Experience Section of your LinkedIn Profile

The objective of the Experience Section of your LinkedIn Profile is to give visitors to your profile information about your past & current positions. Read this post to fine-tune your profile!

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5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With LinkedIn

LinkedIn is so much more than just an online CV. It’s professional social platform, the number one resource for professional content, a job board, a prospecting heaven and so much more. If you’re an advanced LinkedIn user you might already know my 5 tips below, but for most average users I’m hoping to create some aha moments.

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What Career Planning has to do with Personal Branding

Read this post to find out how Career Planning is very similar to Personal Branding because it’s all about your most valuable asset: YOU!Continue reading

5 Key Elements of a Good LinkedIn Profile Picture

Yes, LinkedIn might be the Chamber of Commerce of the social platforms, but nevertheless LinkedIn is about building relationships. That’s why your profile picture matters, maybe more so than on other platforms. Read this post on how to get it right.Continue reading