A Complete Guide to Help You Get More Business from LinkedIn

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You want more traffic, leads & clients from LinkedIn, am I right?  Then this e-book will help you optimize your profile, increase your visibility & generate more leads

This book contains 3 parts:

  • First part: Profile Optimization & Promotion
  • Second part: Increase Network, Visibility & Thought Leadership
  • Third part: Social Selling & Lead Generation

Success on LinkedIn needs planning! 

Keith Carlson, The Nurse's Coach

“Sarah Santacroce demonstrates her expertise in everything that she does. I offer her my highest recommendation. ”

Pete McKillop Business Coach

“Sarah provides valuable “bite sized” advice that is easy to apply to your LinkedIn profile. I have also been able to implement strategies using Sarah’s templates and short courses which are building up my LinkedIn community involvement and promoting the business.”

In the Book, You Will:


When it comes to LinkedIn, all roads lead to your personal LinkedIn Profile. It needs to sell you, so you don't have to! This book contains specific exercises that will help you create such a profile
(headline, summary, keywords and more)


Build it and they will come does not apply to your LinkedIn Profile. You need to pro-actively connect with your ideal clients. This book makes you reflect on who your ideal clients are, where you find them on LinkedIn & then even helps you create some invitation templates to reach out to them. 


In Step 3 of this book I'll teach you how to position yourself as the expert in your field by sharing valuable content and even publishing your own content with LinkedIn Pulse. An exercise to brainstorm content ideas for those articles is also included.


Finally I'll teach you the Social Selling Process on LinkedIn and show you how you can get new leads for your business without selling !

Sarah Santacroce

About the Author: Sarah Santacroce

Sarah is an independent LinkedIn Specialist & Online Presence Mentor and helps you convert your presence online into paying clients. She’s also the creative brain behind the LinkedIn Challenge, an event that has helped 1700+ people so far to improve their knowledge about using LinkedIn for business.Sarah lives and works in beautiful Switzerland and has helped hundreds of clients from all over the world breathe life into their LinkedIn profiles.

What People Are Saying

Erica Klein,Consultant

“Sarah is one of the world’s top experts in LinkedIn business development strategy, and someone I’ve learned a great deal from in building my own LinkedIn coaching practice ”

Bill Hughes, Change Advisor

“Sarah's programs are effective and relevant to anyone hoping to optimize their presence on social networking platforms. I have used her recommendations and suggestions with immediate success.”

LinkedIn Business Success Planner
A Fully Updated Guide to get More Business from LinkedIn

Includes tons of exercises & accountability tracking

Success on LinkedIn needs to be planned! Get the book now!