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LinkedIn for Entrepreneurs

LinkedIn is more than just an online CV. I like to refer to it as a mini-website that is supposed to stand out from all other profiles, make you shine and help you sell your services (or products). Let’s work on it together in order to increase the leads for your business with LinkedIn.


Below are the different options available to you




LinkedIn Profile Quick Fix

LinkedIn for Business


$347 Customized Profile Review


$750 VIP Package w/
3 private sessions


‘Done for you’ starting at $1000.00

LinkedIn Profile Video Course
(6 videos)
 tick tick tick tick  
Profile Optimization Cheat Sheet  tick tick tick tick  
LinkedIn for Business Success Video Course
(15 videos)
   tick tick tick  
Access to me in a private LinkedIn Group (to ask all your questions)    tick tick tick  
Personalized Video Review of your LinkedIn Profile     tick    
Three (3) 45 minute sessions, one-on-one with me       tick  
I write your LinkedIn Profile for you, from A to Z, you just work on your core business         tick
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Which one is for YOU?

It depends whether you are a ‘do-it-yourselfer’ or if you prefer to have me guide through the process.

  • The LinkedIn Profile Quick Fix is a recorded video training to improve your profile.
  • The LinkedIn for Business Success Video Course takes you from having a Pro profile, to actually start using LinkedIn to generate visibility & leads as well as techniques on how to identify & approach prospects.
  • If you’d like to get my personal feedback after you’ve updated your profile, then choose option 3 which includes a 20 – 30 minute recorded, customized video review of your profile. You get the link to the video where you hear my voice and see my screen as I review your profile.
  • If you’d like to do the work with me, via Skype, or if you’d like to just have 3 one-on-one sessions with me to go deeper, to learn how to use LinkedIn once you have updated your profile, then choose option number 4, the VIP package 😉 More info on that package below
  • And finally if you’d like to just do what you do best, and hire me to do what I do best, then get the ‘Done for you‘ offer. You give me access to your LinkedIn Profile, website and provide all the visuals and branding I need to make you shine on LinkedIn. Contact me here for a customized quote.


How we work together ? (VIP package)

We schedule three 45-minute sessions, each one week a part. During the first session I review your profile and you take notes. Your homework will be to update your profile according to my advice & instructions. You also get the video recording of our session. During the second session we fine tune your profile and I give you additional tips to improve it. Finally in the third session I teach you how to grow your network & increase your leads. In case you’d like to already update your profile with the help of the Quick Fix videos you can do that too. That gives us then more time to talk about other LinkedIn functionalities.

  • 3 x 45 min training via Skype or other web based call (you see my screen)
  • Review of your profile
  • Optimize your profile so you will get found on LinkedIn
  • Training on how to strategically grow your network & be seen as an expert in your field by sharing content with your network
  • Answers to all your questions
  • The training is recorded, you get the videos to keep (only for the virtual training)


Case Study


How can you pay?

Credit Cards accecpted
I accept all major credit cards through Paypal. If you are based in Europe you can also pay via direct bank transfer upon receipt of my invoice.


How can you get started?

Would you like new leads directly through LinkedIn ? Then pick one of the options in the above table (click the ‘find out more’ links for more information) or ask me for a quote for an individual training, face to face.



“I recently booked the VIP package for entrepreneurs with Sarah to improve my presence on Linkedin. I was very pleased with the content and process, Sarah has a great deal of knowledge and the ability to communicate it clearly. Sarah provides excellent value. It was a pleasure to work with a friendly and highly competent professional.”

Tom Cimock Nonprofit Leader Strategist

“I highly recommend Sarah’s LinkedIn Makeover for Entrepreneurs. In 3 well-structured sessions via Skype we updated my profile to reflect what I had developed into, and pulling together complex material from strategy and branding work as well as feedback from a wide range of clients and colleagues. After each session I felt clear and enlightened about the possibilities on the medium. Sarah doesn’t just give you technical advice on what to put where on your profile. She has a very helpful structure of questions and is an excellent and very patient feedback giver. She provided me with fresh eyes onto myself, and helped sharpen the profile in the process. I can recommend her not only to entrepreneurs like me, who are searching to express what hasn’t been done yet. She is clearly someone who can work with any individual who wants to get the most of their LinkedIn presence, and groups. Keep going, Sarah!”

Claudia Heimert Executive Coach

I hired Sarah to review my LinkedIn profile. She went into depth, was very perceptive and made many very practical suggestions. She obviously draws on a wealth of experience, and knows how to connect professionally with people in a very sociable way. Her whole online presence reflects her professional attitude to her work – I wholeheartedly recommend her services.

Terence Pritchard Leadership Expert

I reached out to Sarah for a customized training on LinkedIn for customer acquisition. I was already a frequent user, but I learned a lot during this half-day training. We first optimized my profile and then Sarah shared her secrets of prospecting on LinkedIn with me: how to identify, search for and then approach the customers with a non-aggressive manner. Sarah is an excellent trainer who knows how put herself into her customer’s shoes and explain things in a simple, understandable way and with great empathy. I recommend Sarah’s services to anyone who wants to learn how to use LinkedIn for personal networking or customer acquisition for his/her company.

Pascal Payot Vice President / Pension Plan Adviser

The working method used, namely recorded Skype calls, is very efficient and does not diminish usability. Receiving the recordings after allows one to focus on the discussion and tips from Sarah, and to better understand the intricacies of LinkedIn. Sarah is obviously not only a great expert in the field, but helps us take the customer perspective when describing our services and our clients. I recommend Sarah’s services to anyone who wants to professionally position his “personal brand”.

Gabriela Leone Coach

Sarah is amazing to work with. I met her through LinkedIn and, after exchanging a few emails, I engaged her to do a review of my LinkedIn profile and to help me configure it to better communicate what I do to my connections and potential clients. I was impressed with Sarah’s knowledge of social media marketing, combined with her ability to quickly and efficiently navigate LinkedIn to produce the desired results. Her style is one of a teacher. She walked me through the steps and recorded each of our sessions so that I will always have something I can refer back to. Then she had me make the changes so that I learned to become self-sufficient in the process. I recommend Sarah very highly. She is warm, friendly, easy to work with, and extremely knowledgeable and creative. You, too, will be pleased with the value that she brings to the table.

Gary Smith Optechs