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Why You Should Take a 30-Day “Like” Diet on LinkedIn

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Interactions are vital on LinkedIn. They can show that you have an active presence and a network that is intrigued by the content you share and eager to discuss your ideas. Sending likes, on the other hand, doesn’t help build the interactions you need to make your profile stand out. Sure, a positive appreciation will probably make the creator of the content feel good about themselves, but that’s the extent of your input. You’re not providing helpful feedback nor engaging in a meaningful conversation.

A comment, on the other hand, works like a win-win situation. You share your thoughts and opinions with the author and everyone else who sees your comment and drive attention to your profile at the same time.

30-Day 'Like' Diet on LinkedIn

And I’m not preaching here. I’m writing this post because I’ve seen a conversation on LinkedIn that talked about this topic and I thought ‘yup, I need a 30-day ‘Like’ Diet as well 😉

How to Write Meaningful Comments

The first thing you need to do is to read the post you want to comment on, carefully. Don’t skim through it, don’t read the first and last sentences. If you understand that the author worked hard to post something meaningful, and respect their work, then reading the full post is essential.

The comment you create needs to be engaging, so make sure to use active words that describe how the content made you feel, the lesson you learned or an idea it triggered.

Keep in mind the following

Four key points when writing LinkedIn comments:

  1. State whether you agree or disagree, you must explain why. Don’t use clichés like “Good job,” or “I don’t agree” and leave it at that.

  2. Show what you’ve learned after reading the content: a lesson, an idea, a piece of advice, etc.

  3. Explain why you relate to the post or part of it. This way you will help other people learn more about you as well.

  4. Ask questions if you know nothing about the topic. You might spark an interesting conversation by doing this.

Comment on Other Comments, or Mention Others

Reading through other comments may seem like a difficult job, but it’s an excellent way of interacting with other users and expanding your network. If you find something worth mentioning, do it by acknowledging the author of that comment. Don’t spam people, though, as the last thing you want is to come across as intrusive or annoying.

Conclusion:  Join me for a 30-Day “Like” Diet on LinkedIn

It’s easy just to like some posts and move on, but being proactive and interacting through comments on LinkedIn is more profitable in the long run. It can help you build a meaningful profile and enhance your network. Will you join me for a 30-Day ‘Like’ Diet on LinkedIn?


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Dominic says 3 February 2018

You’ve sold me. I’m starting today. thanks Sarah! I’ve known for while,a ad this will be s good push.

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